a. Is there any other advice or insights you can pass on to a foresight student or new entrant to the field who is just starting their career? b. Any advice for more experienced practitioners [...]

a. Besides APF, WFS, WFSF, and FERN, what less obvious communities and continuing education do you participate in and recommend to stay current on your foresight skills? b. How do you keep up [...]

a. How do you self describe and market yourself in the field? b. Does the title Futurist accurately describe your field of expertise, or do you use different terminology (foresight professional, [...]

a. What are some key skills and expertise you personally consider part of foresight work? b. How would you briefly describe it to others? c. What are the top things a good foresight practitioner [...]

a. Could you tell us how you got your start in the field? b. What drew you to foresight work? c. What challenges have you faced in building your career, and where you are now? d. How do you think [...]