Values – We believe:

  • Accelerating change is real. Humanity is gaining superpowers, right now, and we need to use them better.
  • Foresight is a critical personal and social skill. We get better at it with training and practice, together.
  • Leadership starts with knowing and working on ourselves, in humble, honest, loving, and authentic ways.
  • Progress has a direction, and includes intelligent optimism, empowerment, social empathy, and evidence-based thinking.
  • We must use science and technology to improve our morality and the well-being of all life, even as that changes the nature of life, as outlined in the 2002 Transhumanist Declaration.

Goals – We help people:

  • Get affordable, high-quality training in universal, personal, global, and organizational (UPGO) foresight.
  • Realize the incredible power, promise and first-gen risks of exponential science and technologies.
  • Get better at seeing, and helping others see, probable, possible, and preferable futures.
  • Become more intelligently optimistic, empowered, empathic, and evidence-based leaders and self-leaders.
  • Grow their community of high-integrity, practical, future-oriented colleagues, friends, and acquaintances.

Services – We are presently building:

  • Online and print media to promote adaptive foresight, self-mastery, and entrepreneurship.
  • Courses, certs, workshops and retreats in these three transformative domains.
  • Platforms for open, collaborative foresight production (Futurepedia, Futureworthy, Foresight Channel).
  • Annual events (Foresight Summits) for the professional and amateur foresight community.

If you are a creative, innovator, entrepreneur, speaker, forecaster, scholar, consultant, manager, advisor, coach, investor or scout, you would like to improve your strategic foresight, and you share our values and goals above, please join us. You’ve found your community!

Want to join the team? If you’d like to be a volunteer, advisor, or donor in any of our four service categories, email us with your background and interests. Paid positions are few at present, but we see great potential ahead.

The world is waking up to its incredible exponential promise. Every year we gain better insights and build better practices in universal, personal, global, and organizational foresight. Working together we can see farther, work better, and thrive more than ever before. 

Life is truly amazing!